‘Community–minded independents’ differentiate from ‘independents’ who are affiliated with political parties and who by that affiliation cannot act solely in the best interests of the electorate.

A ‘community-minded independent’ promotes and commits to participatory and deliberative processes to enrich the character, quality, and effectiveness of our democracy,
particularly in relation to difficult issues that are potentially divisive.


I declare that I will represent the interests of my electorate as a whole and give effect to the ideals of democratic government by:

Being aware of my social responsibility to be kind, inclusive, compassionate, and respectful of the views and priorities of the diverse range of people I represent.

Actively engaging with the community I represent and draw on reputable evidence and analysis to identify and address issues of interest and concern to the community.

Advocating and voting for, the policies that are informed by and in the best interests of my constituents to empower them.


I declare that if elected, I will:
Put the community’s interest before any personal, sectional, or partisan interest.

Refrain from exploiting my rivals’ failings for political gain.
Act with integrity and hold myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible.

Act collaboratively and cooperatively to strengthen the trust and respect of the community for our democratic institutions.

Be accountable and transparent in all my actions when in office, by publicly disclosing all donations and meetings within a reasonable timeframe.


It is really important to me that I represent my community, so please let me know what is important to you.