I have served for 2 years in Kingborough as councillor and Deputy Mayor, and in this time I have learned that many of the issues that really matter to my community need to be addressed at a state level.

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Urgent Care Centre

A 24-hour medical centre in Franklin could deal with non-life-threatening urgent conditions, improving accessibility and easing pressure on the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).

Local GPs

We need more GPs and those we do have must be incentivised to stay so people aren’t forced to RHH’s emergency department in search of a doctor, especially after hours.

In-home Care

Additional community based and in-home care services will enable people to leave hospital sooner, supporting recovery, freeing beds and reducing hospital wait times.

Mental Health

Mental health services should be more available to ensure timely support, promote well-being, enable early intervention, prevent worsening conditions, and reduce stigma. I support a new paid mental health unit. Pre-support, community-based support.

Elective Surgery Waitlist

The State Government must redouble efforts to reduce the surgery waitlist, ensuring timely treatment that alleviates suffering and avoids potential complications.


Affordable Housing

I support a community-focused approach to finding practical and immediate initiatives to improve housing affordability by diversifying the range of available options.

Social Housing

I support prioritising the timely delivery of social housing for all on the waiting list, providing a safety net for those in need to improve affordability and help combat homelessness.


We need to examine potential land tax arrangements for multiple property owners, short stay accommodation caps, vacant homes strategies and find solutions.

Accessible Housing

People with disabilities and the elderly deserve more accessible housing, promoting independence, improving quality of life, equality and inclusion.

Rental crisis

The pressure on renters could be alleviated through the introduction of control measures for unjustifiable rent increases, and initiatives to improve the supply of rental properties.


Congestion Solutions

Our public transport system needs an overhaul – moving to electric, more frequent and reliable services, as well as park and rides and more all-day parking.

Derwent Ferries

Opening up the Derwent River to ferries will not only provide a wonderful way for commuters and visitors to move around but will also ease the pressure on our roads.

School Buses

I support the State Government assisting school bus providers in transitioning their fleet to vehicles with seat belts, while ensuring the service is free for students.

Active Transport

We need better and safer pedestrian and cycle linkages across our community, providing a healthy alternative to driving.

Sport and recreation

Gormley Oval Upgrade

I support investment in a 400m Little Athletics Track, additional 100m sprint lanes and specific field events area at Gormley Oval to enable increased usage.

Kingborough Sports Centre Upgrade

I acknowledge that Kingborough Sport centre is bursting at the seams, and I support investment in its expansion.

School Oval Partnerships

We need to investigate partnerships with public and private schools to provide additional sports grounds for local sporting clubs, enabling them to meet demand.

Youth Programs

I support continued investment into youth programs in Franklin to ensure our young adults remain engaged in healthy ways in our community.


Climate Change Adaption

The State Government must support local councils with their climate change adaptation planning to enable a more inclusive, comprehensive, and effective response to the challenges we face. This approach leverages local knowledge, engages communities, coordinates efforts, and ensures long-term sustainability so that we can successfully adapt.

Electrify Everything

We must encourage more households to adopt electricity-based solutions, such as solar power and electric vehicles (EVs), promoting cleaner and more efficient energy use.

Renewable Energy

To secure a sustainable energy future for our island state, it is crucial that we transition towards renewable energy sources like hydroelectric power and wind farms. By embracing these alternatives, we can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Tourist Levy for Bruny Island

Investigate a tourist levy on Bruny Island that would generate additional revenue for the community, potentially re-invested in much needed local infrastructure, conservation efforts, and community development.

Finfish farming

Encourage progress towards technology that moves finfish farming to deeper waters, or explore different innovative solutions, for example integrated seaweed trails, to prevent the ecological losses underneath the farms.

Forest Practices

I support a State Government that continues to have conversations about how best we can incorporate issues like threatened species into our forest practices.


Crime prevention

I support further investment in police resourcing and restorative justice in answer to community concerns about crime prevention and the adequacy of response measures.

Bushfire Bunker Accreditation

Bushfire bunker accreditation needs to be developed so people can better protect themselves in Southern Franklin, one of the State’s most bushfire prone areas.

Flood Zone Planning

I support a government committed to aiding local councils in equipping their communities for flood events, ensuring proactive measures and support systems are in place to mitigate risks and safeguard residents from the devastating impacts of flooding.

Emergency Services Hub

Establishing a centralised emergency services hub in Southern Tasmania will improve response times, coordination between agencies, enhance disaster preparedness, and ensure timely access to critical resources.

Commission of Inquiry

Tasmanian children and young people should be safe at school, in hospitals, in detention, and in out-of-home care. I wholeheartedly endorse the thorough implementation of all recommendations made in the Commission of Inquiry’s report on the Tasmanian Government’s response to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Settings.



I would like to see an increased government focus on wellbeing – to deliver better social and economic outcomes – with the indicators to measure our progress, and the appointment of a new Minister for Wellbeing.

Charter of Human Rights

I support the introduction of a Tasmanian Charter of Human Rights as recommended by The Australian Human Rights Commission, to ensure that the basic human rights of the people of Franklin are protected.

Pokies Reform

The harm caused by pokies in intolerable. They very nature of them is addictive and I support minimising their harm by implementing slower spin speeds, and maximum bet limits.

Community Groups

I believe that supporting local community groups is crucial for fostering a strong and thriving society. We need to invest properly in the well-being of our neighbourhoods.

Multicultural Communities

We must provide support to our multicultural communities in Franklin in the staging of festivals and events, promoting cultural diversity and inclusion.


I support the promotion of our LGBTIQA+ community. I will always challenge discrimination and stand up for inclusivity, equality, and human rights.

Truth, Treaty, Voice

I support the sentiments of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and the process of Truth, Treaty, Voice. Truth plays a crucial role in acknowledging and addressing the historical injustices and systemic inequalities experienced by the Palawa people. Treaty holds immense significance for Tasmania as it establishes a formal agreement between the state government and Aboriginal peoples. Such a treaty would recognize their sovereignty, self-determination, and cultural rights, providing a framework for shared decision-making, resource allocation, and land rights.


Cost of Living

We need to take a multi-pronged approach to the cost of living crisis – addressing rising energy costs and housing shortages, investing in public transport infrastructure, and expanding educational and vocational training opportunities.


The State Government must pledge to prioritise the use of local workers on infrastructure and other projects funded by taxpayers, better supporting our people and economy.


State Government initiatives that support small business will foster economic growth in local communities – creating jobs, empowering entrepreneurs and promoting innovation.



I believe every student deserves the right to quality education and I support policies and programs that continue to improve the delivery of education in Franklin.

Workforce Skills

We must take steps to attract and retain skilled professionals, investing in education and training programs, as we face significant skills shortages.


A robust democracy requires the electoral system to rest on the principles of fairness, transparency, and participation. Ensuring that these principles are upheld is crucial to maintaining public trust in the integrity of the electoral system and in democracy.

Accountable Government

Tasmanians are sick of secrecy and lack of transparency. I support open and transparent decision making, instead of behind-closed-door deals.

Anti-corruption Body

I support an effective and independent anti-corruption body that has enough resources to ensure justice is served.

Political Donations Reform

Transparent and timely reporting and lower donation limits would ensure political decisions are not unduly influenced by wealthy individuals, lobby groups or corporations.

Right to Know

The Right to Information Act (RTI) must be strengthened through implementation of the 12 recommendations contained in an Environmental Defenders Office report. It cited errors in interpretation of the legislation and delays of nearly three years for an external review of RTI decisions.



Once an election is called I will be seeking yard sign locations. If you are in Franklin (Clarence, Kingborough, Huon Valley) and would like to host a yard sign, please let me know and many thanks in advance!

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